Rare & Endangered Animals Find A New Home

By 17/08/2019 September 11th, 2019 No Comments

We’re delighted to announce that both a pair of Red Billed Toucans and Java Green Magpies have officially made Tropical World their new home.

Red Billed Toucans

Pipa & Clyde have just joined us and are the only pair of Red Billed Toucans in the UK or Ireland. The species originally hailing from the Amazon has settled wonderfully into Donegal, and we hope that someday we can welcome a few additions to their family, watch this space!

Java Green Mapies

The Java Green Magpie, from the country of Java, is a species who’s population has declined drastically as a result of habitat loss and illegal capture for the wild animal trade. The size of the remaining wild population is unknown, perhaps only around 50 individuals, while some speculate that the lack of recent sightings might mean that it already is extinct in the wild. Tropical World is delighted to join into a small group of European zoos in an effort to conserve this beautiful species

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