Tropical World makes learning about the world fun! Visiting Tropical World is the ideal opportunity for Families, Visitors and School or Youth Groups to find a unique nature experience right here in Donegal! Learn about an array of Mammals, Exotic Birds, Reptiles and Creepy Crawlies in a comfortable, temperature controlled environment.

Check out our page on Endangered Species and learn a little about the plight of the Black Rhino, African Elephant, Orangutan, Amur Leopard and the Giant Panda.

School Tours

We are now taking bookings for School Tours in 2017!

You can bring your class on a great day out where they can enjoy the wonderful sight of Free Flying Butterflies and come up close and personal with our Wonderful Creatures, all whilst under the watchful eye of our Tropical Rangers.

Your School Group will find out what threats some of these animals are faced with in the wild and the things we can do to help protect the environment for future generations.

Tours also have access to the Dino Den, picnic area and the extended Monkey Swing Play Park.

Contact us now on +353 074 91 21655 or +353 74 9121541 for more information

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