• Day 1: Courting & Mating:

    The male chases and intoxicates the female with his scent (pheromones) until she is ready to mate. Mating can last for several hours!

  • Day 2-9:

    The Eggs or Ova: The butterfly lays hundreds of eggs but only 5% will survive.

  • Day 10-28:

    The Caterpillar or Larva: The caterpillar hatches and spends most of its time eating! It can increase its weight 100 times in a few weeks.

  • Day 29-42:

    The Chrysalis or Pupa: Inside the chrysalis the caterpillar first turns into a lumpy liquid, before new body parts are formed to create a butterfly.
    This change is known as metamorphosis.

  • Day 43:

    Emergence: The butterfly breaks through the chrysalis shell. Its wings are crumpled and wet. Blood is pumped into its veins, straightening them out.
    The butterfly dries its wings in the sun.

  • Day 44-72:

    Butterfly is ready to find a mate.