Local Firm Cancel More Flights Than Ryanair!

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However no customers will be out of pocket or inconvenienced by this. All Summer long, from April to now, thousands of beautiful flights took place daily at Tropical World, Letterkenny. Of course, these flights were of tropical butterflies such as the Blue Morpho and Indian Leaf butterflies. They were enjoyed by people from the four provinces of Ireland, as well as a large number of international visitors.

As we know, the average butterfly lives approximately 4-5 weeks, a short but beautiful existence. Tropical World source, from forest communities around the world, and hatch the larvae so we can see them up-close in Donegal’s recreated Amazon jungle.

Now that Winter approaches, the last butterflies Tropical World has closed it’s doors to the public until next year, all these “wonderful flights” have been suspended until then.

Of course, all the other animals now have the full attention of their dedicated keepers, so they have heat, food and all they need to keep them happy and healthy throughout the winter.

Everyone at Tropical World would like to thank all who visited throughout 2017, and a special world of thanks to all who bought our special maps for the LauraLynn Children’s Hospice. The sale of these raised €2000 for LauraLynn, who do such wonderful work for terminally ill children.

Tropical World will open for a special Halloween “Spookey Week”. “No Flights” planned just this weeks, only ghosts and witches. Watch out for details, and keep up to date with all that’s happening at Tropical World on www.tropicalworld.ie, Facebook and Twitter.


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